Quick! Cleaning the bathroom in 10 minutes!


We have all been there; the phone rings or the Facebook message dings, you have visitors…TONIGHT! This is the first part in a series I will be doing called Quick!  In this series I will walk you through my quick tips and tricks for last minute cleaning room by room, minute by minute.  A real life saver.

We will start with the bathroom, the room most people feel overwhelmed about cleaning but with a few emergency stocked tools and products you can clean this room in 10 minutes!  Seriously.

Emergency tools to have on hand include;

A microfiber cloth

A container of disinfecting wipes- I love the Method Disinfecting Wipes they are good for you, the planet and they naturally disinfect.

Powdered cleanser- I use comet

Liquid toilet bowl cleaner- the ones with a U shaped spout are best to reach under the rim of the toilet


Now roll up your sleeves and put your timer on.

Squirt the underside of the toilet rim with the liquid toilet bowl cleanser, close lid and let the cleanser get to work while you head to the sink. (30 seconds)

Whip out a wipe and start where the wall and the sink meet and wipe down the surface, paying attention to the faucet as well. Toss wipe.  Use a second wipe to scrub the sink, toss.  (1 minute)

Run the corner of the microfiber cloth under the sink to dampen, run over mirror, then use the dry portion of the cloth to polish.  Microfibers cloths are truly heaven sent, no window cleaner needed…you’ll be blown away.  (1minute)

The bath tub is next.  Dampen the rest of your microfiber cloth and add add some powered cleanser to cloth and sprinkle powdered cleanser through out the tub.  Using the cloth run over the tile in circular motions working your way down to the tub.  Continue scrubbing the tub adding a small amount of hot water if needed.  When the tub and walls are scrubbed turn the shower on hot and spray down walls and tub using the shower head. (3 minutes)

Place trash can outside door of bathroom, sweep the floor with hand broom and dust pan.  Running a dry microfiber cloth over the floor collects all the hair and dust, pull off hair and dust and trash. (2 minutes)

To the toilet! You will be using wipes and working from the top of the toilet down so as to not spread germs and tossing the used wipes in the trashcan.  Take a wipe and clean the top of the toilet and the water tank, making sure to get the flusher!  With the second wipe tackle the top and underside, in that order, of the lid. Toss wipe.  Third wipe starts with the toilet seat top then move to the underside and finish with the top of the rim, toss wipe.  Next grab your toilet brush (it’s nice to keep one housed by the toilet- The Container Store has some lovely fashionable options) and scrub the liquid you left in toilet earlier cleansing the bowl and flush. Fourth wipe tends to the foot of the toilet working your way to the floor, toss wipe. (2 minutes)

Grab your final wipe or two and run over floor to disinfect. Toss wipes, remove trash bag, put in new liner (keeping a few extra liners in the trash can saves seconds) Place waste basket back and you’re DONE! (30 seconds)

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