A snowfall kind of love


When I lived in Manhattan I had a sweet little studio apartment, which I loved.  It was especially wonderful at Christmas time when the house would be decorated and the little tree was right there by my bed.  Now that I am in my new, adorable little cottage (from matchbox to shoebox I call it), I miss falling asleep with the twinkling lights bouncing off the ornaments.  So last weekend while watching some Christmas movies I decided to decorate the bedroom.


I keep myself on a strict “one new decoration for the house a year” rule and I’d already made my selection for this year with a stunning porcelain reindeer head.  I realized this was something I needed to do for free, so I pulled out my scissors and some printer paper and started cutting!


You will need




Fishing line


If you use 8 by 10 paper you will have to cut off the bottom to make it square, so I used those pieces to make the daisy chains; a great way to waste less!  To make a daisy chain simple roll the paper and tape or staple.  Then thread the next piece through the exciting one tape and repeat.  To hang the snowflakes I used fishing line, it’s made not to tangle so that is very helpful!


The lovely snowflake lights I hung on the bed are solar powered! Purchased at target and glow a stunning blue.  I bought them for outside but think they really dazzle on the bed.


I must say, I had so much fun, and simply love falling asleep in my winter wonderland bedroom.  Wouldn’t this would be a fun craft project to do with kids?  A way to enjoy time with your children or your nephews and nieces this holiday season.   How much would they love a room full of snowflakes!  Well I say, it’s simply magical!!


About marcellaroses

I love to entertain, to create things from scratch, come up with new ways to do things and sharing how easy and simple it all is! I'm a baker, a maker, a cooking innovator, a cleaner and a dreamer and one great entertainer! I hope you will join me and together we can cook up some fun!

One response to “A snowfall kind of love

  1. Debra sciotto

    Couldn’t be sweeter!! Love it and you 🙂 xoxo



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