Brunch in a pinch


I love brunch.  I mean, who doesn’t?  It’s the best of both worlds, sleeping in and having breakfast, or waking up in the morning and eating lunch!  But unless you can find a place that takes reservations you are almost assuredly going to wait for a table.  So lately I have discovered something even better than meeting friends out for brunch, having people over for brunch.  I have a few favorite recipes, something for every situation from an egg casserole that you prepare the day before, to my father-inlaw’s “make you cry it’s so delicious, biscuits and gravy.”  But for my readers that want a quick, but elegant, simple, but impressive, option: I give you the salmon breakfast board.


What I love about this breakfast is you can have it camping with a few bloody mary’s, or on a picnic, or at home in your kitchen.  It’s ready in a pinch and still makes an impressive spread.  Best of all there is no cooking.  Just arrange the ingredients on a platter or cutting board and you are good to go!



Smoked salmon

Goat Cheese (or any spreadable cheese)

Red onion thinly sliced (if too spicy, soak in cold water for a few minutes)


Lemon wedges

Mini rye toasts (or quartered toast, bagels, crackers)

Arrange and serve!

The bonus is this also makes a great appetizer before dinner or hors d’oeuvres for a cocktail party!


Happy Brunching,

Marcella Rose

A table fit for the leprechaun king

photo 2

I hope you are all having a fantastic St. Patrick’s Day!  Most people know of my Sicilian heritage but few know that I am as Irish as I am Sicilian.  My great grandmother and my grandmother are both full blooded Irish and St. Patricks day in their or my mothers home was always full of Irish folk songs, smells of a slow simmering corn beef, boiled potatoes and laughter always so much laughter.

photo 3

So last night I put the dark Irish girl to work hosting a wonderful party in my home to celebrate my heritage and St. Patrick.

Here is a peek at the table arrangement.

photo 4

photo 3-1

photo 2-1

A very merry St. Patties day to you all!
Irish kisses from me and my new puppy Doctor Watson
– Marcella Rose
photo 1

Bloom by bloom


Who doesn’t love fresh cut flowers?  There is something about having them in your home that makes every day just a little bit better.  I simply love to have some fresh-cuts by my bed to make waking up a little bit easier and having a bunch of blooms on my table to greet guests.  Fresh flowers will brighten your home and heart and between Trader Joe’s and your local farmers market, they are more affordable than ever.  But what do you do when you bring them home?

Throwing them in a vase and calling it quits is just dandy, and quick for sure, but taking the time to select the right vase to showcase your blooms and then taking the time to arrange them can be truly therapeutic and one of my favorite creative outlets.

Today I am giving you three easy ways to showcase your fresh-cuts.  Whether they are a bunch of single blooms from your local grocery store, a visit to a florist for a monochromatic bouquet of beauties, or a special order of extravagance for a hostess gift, I’ve got you covered!

Single bloom bouquets:


This time of year I am obsessed with tulips.  Nothing says, “Hello Spring!” Like a bright bunch of tulips.  I picked up this $6 bunch when I grabbed my weekly groceries.


These beauties combined with my affinity for vintage bottles make an easy, stunning arrangement that will make you smile just looking at them!  Just snip each tulip under water at a sharp angle and place in a mini-vase for simple arrangement that is sure to wow.


Monochromatic bouquet:


I visited my local florist Eufloria Flowers to create this beautiful bundle of blooms.


They were so helpful and kind, if you live in the Ashland, OR area I highly recommend this florist!  I chose 2-4 stems of anything and everything she had in this color; spending around $25.  Once I brought them home, I removed all the leaves; this keeps the water fresher and makes the flowers last longer.  Then, adding one flower at a time, I built a round bouquet in my hand.



Once I had created the arrangement, I snipped them to the length I wanted, just skimming the top of the square vase which I had lined with a large leaf (also purchased at the florist).  The result a stunning eye-popping statement for any dinner party or living room decor.


The Show Stopper:


Whenever I am a guest at someone’s home, whether friend or family, a hostess gift is the most important thing on my mind.  This year when I went home for a family gathering I stopped at the local farmers market to purchase some flowers for a show stopping center piece that would last long after my visit.



I choose blooms that hung low and had a richness to them in order to create the overflowing opulence of this arrangement.  For the vase I chose a low bowl and placed some floral foam in the bottom to hold the stems in place.  Then, one flower at a time, starting from the middle, I worked my way out to create a center-piece that was the center of attention.


Here’s to being creative and having fun with flowers!  There is always an opportunity to turn something simple into something extraordinary.   Happy arranging!

– Marcella Rose

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