A table fit for the leprechaun king

photo 2

I hope you are all having a fantastic St. Patrick’s Day!  Most people know of my Sicilian heritage but few know that I am as Irish as I am Sicilian.  My great grandmother and my grandmother are both full blooded Irish and St. Patricks day in their or my mothers home was always full of Irish folk songs, smells of a slow simmering corn beef, boiled potatoes and laughter always so much laughter.

photo 3

So last night I put the dark Irish girl to work hosting a wonderful party in my home to celebrate my heritage and St. Patrick.

Here is a peek at the table arrangement.

photo 4

photo 3-1

photo 2-1

A very merry St. Patties day to you all!
Irish kisses from me and my new puppy Doctor Watson
– Marcella Rose
photo 1

About marcellaroses

I love to entertain, to create things from scratch, come up with new ways to do things and sharing how easy and simple it all is! I'm a baker, a maker, a cooking innovator, a cleaner and a dreamer and one great entertainer! I hope you will join me and together we can cook up some fun!

2 responses to “A table fit for the leprechaun king

  1. Eric W

    This is just ridiculous! Love that pup!


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