Sweet Little Ring Bowl- the perfect gift




The art of giving has always been close to my heart.  There is nothing quite like finding the perfect gift.  Choosing the wrapping with care, a ribbon that is cold and soft to the touch and the ideal card, to not only hint at what’s to come, but to compliment it.  To me, the whole process is part of the beauty of giving a gift.  From the tissue, to the ribbon, to the box, it’s all part of the experience of receiving.   There was a reason I was paid, starting at a very young age and stretching to this day, to wrap all of our family’s Christmas gifts; even my own which were marked carefully so that I knew not to peak into the box of the ones that were mine.   Clearly I was also a strict rule follower, but I digress.  The only thing I love more than finding the perfect gift, is making the perfect gift.  It takes time and thought and as you slowly and methodically craft, your mind wanders almost in a meditative state.  You think of the receiver, the times you have shared, your relationship, the joy, the time that has passed and all the many moments spent together.  All of this thought, all of this love, is woven into the gift; not unlike the seamstresses who did the detail work on Princess Diana’s wedding gown wove a strand of her hair into the hem of her gown, you are weaving your love into the gift.  This Sweet Little Ring Bowl is a gift that takes a little tender loving care but is so easy your children could make it.  Take some time to  slow down and make a gift from the heart with this tutorial…

For tutorial and full blog visit the amazing blog I guest  craft for- My Craft Spot – Sweet Little Ring Bowl 



About marcellaroses

I love to entertain, to create things from scratch, come up with new ways to do things and sharing how easy and simple it all is! I'm a baker, a maker, a cooking innovator, a cleaner and a dreamer and one great entertainer! I hope you will join me and together we can cook up some fun!

One response to “Sweet Little Ring Bowl- the perfect gift

  1. Debra Sciotto

    I loved this writing–you wrote this article beautifully! And the lil bowl is sweet as it can be. Did I really pay you to wrap? I paid for so few tasks but hey was probly worth it to give you this introduction in gift giving and it no doubt gave me a longer night’s sleep too. Thank you Honey!! Some ribbon tied in a bow with some tissue in the background of photo would be nice to compliment your beautiful story. I enjoyed your bio as well — very nice. You do a swell job on these blogs! I enjoy them and if I can say so myself–you are clearly the best one in Erin’s wagon! Look forward to more on your own site too. Happy day to you honey. I love you more than all the gifts in the world!

    PS Another birthday gift is coming your way but it was a mail order item so sadly it won’t be wrapped beautifully to compliment the gift.

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