Herb Butter on Sweet Summer Corn

Here in an except from my latest guest bloog on My Cooking Spot.  For the full blog go to Herb Butter on Sweet Summer Corn.


Summer.  It’s finally here!  One of my personal favorite ways to while away the summer days is spending time outside any way that I can.  In New York City it was always a challenge, no car to escape the city, no mountain to climb to feel the solitude, no hammock to relax in while the hours slipped by.  So I would walk by the water, wander in Central Park, take in the farmers market or go to one of the many street festivals.  It was at such a festival that I had my first taste of Street Corn.  I was instantly hooked!  Fire grilled corn with the husk still attached is then slathered in this cilantro butter and cotija cheese.  It’s pure food heaven.  I dream about it to this day.  Dreams so real and vivid I will literally drool!




Readers today I give you my play on “Street Corn.”  The flavors are different, one could say more Italian, the cotija cheese is replaced by nutty salty parmesan, the citrus-like cilantro replaced by earthy parsley. Garlic is added for a kick and lime to give it that summer smack of tartness.  The thing that rocks about making herbed butter is, it adds a bust of flavor to anything you butter up.  Use it in place of fat in savory baked dishes like meat pies, slap some on steamed veggies, heat it up and slather it on your burger bun before toasting, spoon some into your baked potato to take it to the next level, dollop it on broiled fish, melt it onto grilled oysters, or heat to liquid state and dunk in shell fish… the possibilities are endless.









Head on over to th full blog for the quickest, easiest, most sress free way to cook corn…like ever.  Herb Butter on Sweet Summer Corn


Butter up!

Marcella Rose




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