New Year’s Crown {DIY}

 It’s the eve of a new year and I am full of hope and thought. It’s as if this is the beginning of spring, planting in our selves. Thoughts and ideas being pushed underground, dreams that we hope will come true, goals that we want to blossom and prune to perfection in the coming year. Where will this year take you? What unknowns are in store, what paths with you follow and where will they lead? What adventures will you have; what trials will you face? Questions swirl in my mind as I prep for a night of fun to ring it all in. December 31st seems to be the one day of the year where living at once in the past, present and future is not only expected but encouraged.   It’s a night of new beginnings when we can reflect on the past, plan our future, and party in the present, a magical day indeed.

Last year I did a guest blog featuring The New Years Wish Jar for My Crafty Spot and I am so excited to sit down with a glass of bubbly and open all of these little scrolls and take stock of the year. I am sure I will re-roll a few of these and throw them back in the wishing jar, some I may toss aside replaced by more appropriate wishes. Some I will celebrate victoriously, for it has been a grand and special year indeed. Through the ups and downs we are, after all, still here readying ourselves to welcome another year with an open mind and loving heart. Check out my New Years Wish Jar here!

New Year's Crown {DIY}

New Year's Crown {DIY}

To help you ring in the fun, I have a simple craft you can make this very moment.   All you need is paper, tape, and scissors…oh and a little glitter if you like some sparkle. These crowns are sure to make you feel like royalty when the clock strikes midnight.

New Year's Crown {DIY}New Year's Crown {DIY}

New Year's Crown {DIY}

You will need:

  • Paper
  • Tape
  • Glitter
  • Glue
  • Scissors

How to:

  • Cut out a long piece of paper, measuring and cutting to fit your head
  • Tape the ends together to make a circle (only needing to last the night, tape is quick and perfect)
  • Decorate with glitter
  • Wear and party hearty

New Year's Crown {DIY}

Happy New Year Readers!

Marcella Rose

Vintage Halloween Bash


All Hallowe’en

When the world is wrapped in slumber

And the moon is sailing high,

If you peep between the curtains

You’ll see witches riding by


It was this poem, printed on a sweet vintage style Halloween card from my mother that inspired my Vintage Halloween Bash.   I grabbed my witches hat and broom to fly back in time bringing some old school charm and whimsy to the evening. I wanted this party to feel classic so Matthew bought me a fantastic book on vintage Halloween traditions and games and we wove them into the evening, creating a magical night. You set the tone with the invitation of course, so I mailed out vintage inspired cards with a hand written invitation inside. We played vintage fortune telling games, had food with the flare of days gone by, and partied into the evening.


We kept it classic in an orange and black palate. I spent the month of October crafting away, draping dip-dyed tulle around and placing crows and owls on the fence to keep a vigilant watch. I crafted hand-painted paper bags into a Cemetery Luminary and modge-podged tissue paper into floating ghosts with led lights tied inside to glow into the evening. We must have cut out a million bats; hanging them in flocks around the house and from the chandeliers casting eerie shadows on the walls. Pumpkins with holes drilled through them were stuffed with lights and glowed away on the porch. You can’t have a vintage Halloween without a Scarecrow so we propped up an old one that was gifted to me from my Grandma to make sure the crows stayed on the fence.


Here is the full breakdown of everything good.



Donuts on a String

Bobbing For Apples

Costume Contest

Guess how many Candy Corn

Chestnut Tree Fortune Telling






Paper Bats

Bouquets of Flowers Infested with Bugs

A Paper Bag Luminary Cemetery

Tissue Paper Glowing Ghosts

Cobwebs and Tulle

Pumpkin Lanterns

DIY Halloween Candles

Pumpkin Diorama 












Black (olive tapenade) & orange (roasted pepper) Crostini

Deviled eggs with chili peppers and poppy seeds

Blue cheese plate with rosemary and olive “bugs”

Prosciutto wrapped asparagus

Trick or Treat Stew – with elk, yams and parsnips

Brussel Spout Salad with pistachios and bacon


Two-tiered marshmallow cobweb cake

Maple Glazed Bars

Carmel Apples

Popcorn balls














Vintage Halloween Party



When black cats prowl

& Pumpkins gleam

May luck be with you on Halloween!

Marcella Rose



Mad Scientist Halloween Bash!

Mad Scientist Party

It’s pretty obvious that I adore Halloween.  This year I want to give you readers a few of the parties I have thrown or catered in the past.  I hope you enjoy and that it inspires some party throwing of your own.

I have some pretty amazing friends in this quaint town of Ashland, none better or more fabulous than Paul and Amara.  They are the type of people who are always down for a few cocktails and a game of Cards Against Humanity or a fancy night out.  They have been my guinea pigs on many an occasion for blog posts and I simply adore them both.  Paul, an amazing audio book narrator, has superb taste in glassware.  There is not higher compliment from Paul than getting something poured (usually aged for at least 10 years) into one of his fantastic glasses; absolute heaven.  Amara, a copywriter for Harry and David, seems to always be on trend; rocking the coolest jewelry or a fantastic blouse or (my favorite) her neon Christmas décor, complete with blazing white Christmas tree, I mean what could be more awesome?  I love everything she styles and everything she does.  I find her haute-ness to be particularly amazing since this quaint little town is frozen in either the year 1901 or 1971; it’s weird but true.  Now that you have the back story, you will understand how perfectly ecstatic I was when asked to co-host a Halloween Party with them.  They thought of the most fantastic theme (no surprise), Mad Scientist!

Mad Scientist Party

Mad Scientist Party    Mad Scientist Party

Mad Scientist Party

Mad Scientist Party

This party was AMAZING.  Sadly my pictures are not, this was before I had the fantastic camera I now use and the lighting was low and spooky.  I hope you my avid readers will forgive the spotty shots, but the ideas and execution can still be seen, I hope.   Paul and Amara outfitted their home with sheets of plastic covering almost every space and converted a spare room into a photo booth “kill room” where you could be wrapped up a la Dexter and have portraits taken of killing or being killed.  They even had a friend dress as Dexter himself to stand in the shots!   Let me just say, there are some pretty epic shots of me as Mary Poppins going on a killing spree.  They completed the look with beakers and jars filled with colored water and dry ice.  They even stuffed sweet looking stuffed animals into mason jars with glow sticks and yellow water to give the whole place a formaldehyde feel.  One word: GENIUS.

This party theme is killer for a Halloween Bash but could be just as fun without the spook for a kid’s party or cocktail party!

I took care of the food, getting extremely creative with the theme.  The menu included:


  • Sterile Crudité – all white veggies served in a shiny metal pan
  • Surplus monkey legs – my mom’s famous rosemary marsala drummettes with the bones exposed
  • Penicillium roqueforti (blue cheese) with Salami and Crackers served in petri dishes
  • Lobotomized Brain – made with shrimp and a spicy lemon horseradish gelatin


  • Coagulated Candy Corn – made with red food coloring
  • Blood Slide Lollypops
  • Periodic Cookie Table of Elements – Each element hand piped onto a square cookie frosted white and arranged in order


  • Ta-KILL-Ya – Served with lime and salt
  • Redrum Punch – Spiced rum with blood orange juice
  • Nuclear Reactor Cocktail – Midori, homemade sweet and sour, vodka
  • Glass Cleaner with Ammonium D – Crème de Violet, bitters, and sparkling wine

  Mad Scientist Party

Mad Scientist Party    Mad Scientist Party


Mad Scientist Party


Mad Scientist Party

Mad Scientist Party

Mad Scientist Party   

 Mad Scientist Party

IMG_4865    Mad Scientist Party

Mad Scientist Party

Mad Scientist Party


Mad Scientist Party

It’s a mad mad world!

Marcella Rose


Mary Poppins Killing Dexter – photo credit to Paul Garcia16926_10151083384037063_183328928_n

Mary and Bert – photo credit to Amara Waterman

Ice Bowl

Head over to My Crafty Spot for my latest guest blog for a DYI Ice Bowl 




Life is short.  Moments fly by in seconds so fast and days so full, time simply slips away from us.  Try as we might, it’s hard to slow down to take it in and remember how sacred and extraordinary each moment in this life is.  Sometimes it’s good to do something for the sheer beauty of it.  It may not be practical, or very useful, or last very long but gosh darn it, it’s pretty and it should be enjoyed. Not to philosophize too much but life is like an Ice bowl.  What I love most about these delicate bowls of ice are their fleeting nature and the natural whimsy of the patterns that come out.  There is a certain amount of unpredictability with how the items freeze and the shape that the bowl will take on that I love.  They melt though.  It’s one of two things ice does best, liquefy and make things cold.  I loved how this DYI made me slow down taking the time to pop the blueberries in my mouth one at a time and watch the ice slowly melt away.  It made me remember that life is transitory and this moment will never be repeated, no matter how much you want it you can never have it again.  Now it’s here, all crystallized in its icy wonder and when it’s gone, all we have left are the memoires.




So, in the honor of the ephemeral nature of life, I give you the Ice Bowl.  Its beauty lies in its fragility and impermanent nature.  It’s as striking in its display as it is in its design.  I recommend taking the time to make one, serve with fresh fruit or creamy ice cream, or simply use it as a summer time  centerpiece to remind us all of the momentary nature of beauty and life.






In the words of the new Disney Ice Queen, let it go…but make sure you take the time to enjoy it before you do,

Marcella Rose







DYI Flower Crown



Every lady should feel like royalty.  This is a motto I try to live by.  Perhaps it’s the Peter Pan in me; continually attempting to find my way back to those days of imagination where I would lose hours, if not days, to a daydream.  That daydream, of course, was of being royalty.  Now it wasn’t always easy, I mean being royal requires a lot of responsibility; it’s not all high tea and bonbons. Though, those are appreciated and the marrow is sucked out of those moments when you happen upon them.  I am talking the hard facts of being a royal.  For example, perhaps you are trapped in an estate with an evil stepmother.  You must scrub the floors. You must please an unappeasable woman; there is manual labor to be done!   But oh the dreams that you have while scrubbing, the journeys you go on in your mind.  Perhaps you are trapped in a tower, your royal status only matched by your solitude.  Day in and day out you sing and dream of life out of the tower.  Or, what if you are made to sit next to your royal family, always being told how to act and what to do?  You long for the great big somewhere….being royal isn’t always easy!



Those are the daydreams of my past.  Now, I am all about finding small royal moments in my every day; moments where I can disappear from the humdrum of life and escape for a minute or two.  Escape to a fantasy world of being royalty.  These are small moments, like when my husband brings me my morning meds and vitamins in one of my vintage eggcups every morning with a fresh cup of water and leaves it  on the nightstand for me when I wake for work; a royal moment indeed!  Or when the service at dinner is so top notch; one night, my sister’s boyfriend, Eric, waited on us it was like we were the most royal of royals.  Or when you change your sheets and turn down the bed yourself, hop in the shower and step out in a plush towel after a long day.  You look at that bed with some fresh cuts you arranged on the nightstand and even though you yourself did it all, this…this is a royal moment of the most high.


Or when you make yourself a Flower Crown.  Never ever has there ever been a royal moment more pure and full of bliss than when wearing a flower crown.  I made one a few weeks back for a May Day party because, seriously, it isn’t a May Day party without a flower crown.  I mean am I right-or-am-I-right?!?


So I implore you to grab some flowers and sit down and make one today.  Being Royal was never so easy or felt so good!


You will need:

16 gage wire

Floral tape

A long stretch of ribbon


Wire cutters

Hot glue gun and glue

Flowers and greenery

Note: the hardier the flower the better the crown will hold up




How to:

Cut a section of wire to fit across the crown of your head

Measure off 2 feet of your ribbon to trail from one end of the wire glue the wire to this point

Take the rest of the ribbon and begin to wrap around the wire until you get to the end

Measure off 2 more feet of ribbon to trail off at the other end of the wire

~You will use these ribbons to tie the crown to your desired measurements and will want a little extra to hang down the back after a bow is tied for whimsy you know

Now to the flowers!

Cut each flower or greenery leaving a 2 inch stem

Wrap the strong stems with the flower tape

Wrap the delicate stems with flower tape and a section if wire to give them more strength




Now all of your flowers are prepped this saves time and helps creatively

Begin at one end of the wire

Wrap the first piece to the wire with floral tape facing the blooms toward the end of the wire

Let the first few blooms go past the end of the wire to cover the end of it up



Continue to wrap flowers/greenery to the crown taking care to cut off and excess stems

This will keep your crown lighter

About three inches from the other end of the crown flip the directions of the flowers

This will cover your other end of the crown

Arrange on head and tie ribbon ends to achieve desired fit.





Note you can make this crown up to a day ahead of time.  Simply spritz with water and keep in a fridge until needed.


I bow to you your majesty!

Marcella Rose


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